GSM18B Series - 18W AC-DC Single Output Medical Desktop Power Supplies

GSM18B Series is a range of high reliability 18W green medical desktop power supplies with 2 pin IEC320-C8 power inlet and 80-364Vac input range. The output voltages of GSM18B Series range from 5Vdc to 48Vdc to suit the requirements of various small medical devices. The design meets international medical standards (2 x MOPP), is ErP step2 compliant and meets with EISA 2007.








HVG-65A Series - 65W Single Output IP65 LED Lighting Power Supplies

HVG-65A Series are a range of 65W LED lighting power supplies, with IP65 rating, capable of constant current or constant voltage outputs. With HVG-65A Series the DC current range can be adjusted from 60% to 100% and the output voltage +/-10% via the internal potentiometer. Other features include built-in two-stage PFC function, short circuit, over voltage, overload, and over temperature protections.








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Since we was our aim was to provide a high quality cost effective repair centre for Power Supplies. Since we started we have reached 25,000 repairs. Repairing instead of replacing is a viable way to cut costs. We offer a first class repair service based on a no fix no fee basis covering a vast range power supplies for every virtual need.













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PCV12 Series - 12W Non IP Rated Constant Voltage LED Drivers

PCV12 Series are a range of 12W single output constant voltage led drivers, of non waterproof design. With quick connect terminals these LED drivers are easy to install and suitable for indoor LED lighting applications, particularly those with space constraints or in hard to access locations, such as ceiling voids.

MSP-600 Series - Single Output Medical Enclosed



MSP-600 Series is a range of 600W medical safety regulation compliant (MOOP level) enclosed power supplies with low leakage current. Featuring 85-264VAC input the range is available in output voltages of 3.3V to 48V and possesses up to 89% high efficiency. Standard functions of MSP-600 Series include protections for short circuit, overload, over voltage, and over temperature, 300VAC input surge immunity for 5 seconds, remote ON/OFF control, remote sense, fan ON/OFF control, and DC OK signal output. To meet with requirements of higher wattage applications the 24V, 36V & 48V models are equipped with a parallel function where up to 4 units can be operated in parallel.










LCM-60 - 60W Constant Current LED Power Supply with PWM and 0-10Vdc Dimming

The LCM-60 is a 60W multiple-stage output current LED power supply with built-in 0~10VDC or PWM signal dimming function. The units have built-in active PFC function, protections including short circuit, over voltage and over temperature. Fully isolated in a plastic case with strain relief design the unit is IP20 rated and is suitable for LED lighting applications.

Ultra Slim DIN Rail Mounting Power Supplies

At ALL PSU we have added more models to our SDR series of ultra slim cased DIN Rail Mounting Power Supplies with a 75 Watt range and a 960 Watt single phase AC input range.  
The new SDR-75 series is available with single outputs of : 12 Volts, 24 Volts & 48 Volts DC at 75 Watts and has the following benefits : 







    • 32mm width ultra slim case design
    • Universal AC input 88~264V
    • Up to 90% high efficiency
    • 112.5W peak power for 3 seconds
    • Cooling by free air convection
    • 3 years warranty
    • UL508 (industrial control equipment) compliance
    Din Rail


NEL-200/300/400 series. The NEL series adopts the 30mm ultra low profile design that allows the height and weight of the sign module to be lowered, lessening the manufacture cost as well as relieving the inconvenience from installation. In addition, this series incorporates non PFC design, achieving a high efficiency up to 87% with a low cost that it enhances the system performance, and achieves energy saving and electricity expense reduction. The whole series takes the input range between 180VAC and 264VAC; the output voltage of 2.8V/4.2V/5V are provided that the sign panel driver ICs of both the old and the new generation can work with, greatly raising the system design flexibility.

RSP-100 Series - 100W 1U Single Output Enclosed Power Supplies with PFC Function














The RSP-100 Series, from Mean Well provides output voltages from 3.3V to 48V, features 85-264Vac input range, is equipped with PFC function and possesses up to 88% high efficiency. Other built in features of this Mean Well enclosed power supply range include remote on/off control, short circuit, over load, over voltage and over temperature protections.

GSM60A Series - 60W AC-DC Single Output Medical Desktop Power Supply

GSM60A Series are a 60W universal AC input, medical grade desktop power supply range offering 91% high efficiency and low no load power consumption of <0.1W. Other standard features include short circuit, over load, over voltage & over temperature protections. The GSM60A range can also fulfill the high quality demands of medical applications being medically approved to 2xMOPP, carries UL, CUL, TUV, CB, FCC, and CE certification and meets EISA 2007 requirements.