Why's it better to repair power supplies

Repairing an item is usually cheaper than replacing it. In some cases savings can be considerable, especially when the item needs to be re-manufactured. Repairing is something that should be seriously considered in the current economic environment.

Quality Standards

We are work to the highest quality standards (ISO9001) in providing advice and services based solely on your requirements. We will be flexible in dealing with your needs and will always do our best to provide you with a Quality Electronic Service. With a work experience on such a wide range of manufacturers products, means we can supply a service second to none.

Increased equipment life

Modern equipment has very short product life cycles, with manufacturers offering spares support for increasingly shorter periods. Repairing equipment to component level can, in many cases, extended equipment service life and offer an alternative to expensive replacement. Additionally, savings may also be made by not having to re-train staff on new equipment and update operating instructions.

Environmentally Friendly

The environmental cost of repairing equipment is usually a fraction of the cost of buying a newly manufactured replacement. Additionally, by having your equipment repaired, you are reducing the amount of equipment going into landfill. Under recently introduced WEEE legislation, businesses face increased costs, and possible fines, related to equipment disposal.

Obsolete Power Supplies

As part of our ‘complete power supplies service’ we endeavour to help customers find or design replacements for obsolete power products. Once you have designed a power supply into a product, or system, you can be left with very little room for manoeuvre when it comes to space, fixing points, cooling method and many other considerations. So finding something to replace the power supply that suddenly is obsolete can be a real problem. We provide specific electronics services which address any issue you may have.

Product Search

Using our specialist knowledge we will search the marketplace to see if we can locate any unsold or second user stock. Our suppliers have the widest range of obsolete power supplies of almost any in the world so we are guaranteed to find you a solution. To find obsolete power products or to replace them can be challenging but our sourcing methods guarantee that you will find a solution to your obsolete electronics product problem.

Why send us your work?

29 Years of experience of working on different types of power supplies. With a highly regarded head engineer boasting over 29 years of experience in the field coupled with high tech and up to date testing equipment, for Load testing, PAT testing, Soak Testing down to surface mount repairs which means we can offer a full and comprehensive repairs and tests on every unit imaginable.

We also have close contact between our office and our service department enables us to provide you updates on the progress of repairs if required.

Finding & Modifying

The second service we offer is using our wide knowledge of the power supply products available all over the world to locate and if necessary modify a unit to meet your needs. We have successfully provided this service to a variety of customers and we believe that it can prove to be a very cost effective solution. Modifications can be as simple as designing a mechanical adapter plate to fix both the new power supply and the old fixing points or adding a cable loom to change from one type of connector to another. Let us take a look at your problem: the solution may be just as simple as these examples.

Stock of components

No symptom apparent is a common power supply fault. Many power supplies require replacement parts fitted as part of the repair.

We hold over 120,000 parts in stock in stock allowing a fast turnaround.

What we offer

  • No fix no fee
  • Warranty on all repairs
  • Quick turnaround on request
  • Free quote on repair
  • Full Load, PAT & Flash Test
  • Fixed repair rate
  • Quality & relibility at a price hard to beat

Speedy resolution to your problem

Repairing equipment can be much more rapid than sourcing new. In many cases repairs can be carried out in hours rather than days.